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The Benefits of Worldwide Resource

Worldwide Resource was born from the idea of our board of directors. They were tired of working with other suppliers and only knowing part of the project puzzle.

This lead to project delays and in many cases duplication of effort and additional costs to the project leaders.

They realised that by becoming a integrated part of the project process they could add the most value. All of our clients have seen the benefit of this integrated service and now we offer this service to your project.



We are not 'Generalists'

As a rule, most consultancies tend to be 'generalists' and as such will be better at some elements of the business mix than others. This is due to their history, which is usually based on the occupations, skill sets and preferences of their founding partners.

Worldwide Resource, is the exception that rule each division is by definition a specialist. We pride ourselves on being are specialists and in many cases upon Industry advisory boards.

We believe that we have each element of the business mix covered through our specific knowledge and experience of your industry.


We are Accountable

Worldwide Resource is owner-managed, we can offer and guarantee consistency and continuity of service.

Compare this to dealing with one of the larger or boutique consultancies, who very rarely offer continuity of personnel. As a consequence of which, every job is like starting afresh, getting to know each other and spending time becoming familiar with, and having to learn all about, the critical issues that are to be faced and addressed!

When dealing with owner-managers, continuity is assured through the personal investment and commitment of the owner. Furthermore, our staff turnover is generally lower in such businesses as opposed to larger consultancies where people move-in, move around, move up, or move on, at bewildering speed.


At Worldwide Resource we stop becoming a supplier and become part of your team

“Working on the development of a large overseas resort project, the breadth of expertise within Worldwide Resource proved invaluable. Providing advice primarily on marketing, reservation systems and personnel recruitment and management, the key team members were able to tap into the wider knowledge within Worldwide Resource as and when required. Standards of professionalism and responsiveness were universally high, with individuals becoming integral members of the team, dedicated to the success of the project. Worldwide Resource provide big company expertise with small company agility and customer focus. I would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Ion Hobbs, Consultant Programme Director, Estrela Santiago, Cape Verde



We are fast to react to your project

As a lean organisation Worldwide Resource offers speed of reaction and flexibility of service.

We will work with you, often as an extension of your board during the lifetime of a project, in the manner and degree to which you consider appropriate.

At Worldwide Resource we know one of the frustrations in dealing with a large consultant company is the slow speed of reaction to changes. We offer each project a project manager for each project and they ensure that your goals and time table is achieved.


The BW Group


“having worked with Worldwide Resource for the last 12 months, I have found them as a company quick to react to my needs and always ready to add value to any of my projects”

Bobby Wahi LL B (Hons), Chairman,
The BW Group